February 22, 2009

I Love Facebook

I was inactive in social networking for quite a while now. The most frequent site I get to visit was friendster and multiply only, although I also have accounts with myspace, yuwie, tagged, flixster and facebook.

But lately, I was drawn into facebook because of my belief that most celebrities have facebook accounts. My intention was purely to meet them and get to know them more through their profiles. Well, my intentions are not put to naught, because I indeed get to have celebrity friends now and I am so much enjoying it. I never fail to check facebook daily and like any excited fan of celebrities, I am also getting giddy.

Well, aside from the celebrity "friends", I also had my real and online friends at facebook. I really had fun every time I write on their walls, and the anticipation that I feel for their replies and comments on my status, haha! Here's a scap of my profile:

What made facebooking all the more fun are the applications they have installed for their account holders. Quizzes, fashion wars and invitations for great causes - - they have it all for our total entertainment.

At the moment, I am enjoying poker on facebook. Even hubby is captivated and although he still have no FB account, he enjoyed playing poker using my account, haha!

Gotta check my wall again . . .

3 fancies:

Star-chuu February 23, 2009 at 11:02 PM  

just sign-up in facebook and i am still learning this new stuff, it so much interesting, I have not yet add any friends in my facebook account, can I add you as my friend? thanks for the post..

neiyomee February 24, 2009 at 8:54 AM  

hi star! i would be very glad to be your friend at facebook!!! see yah!

Star-chuu February 24, 2009 at 12:37 PM  

wow..thank you so much naomi, how can I add you please help me, this is my first time to use and i am sure, i gonna love it. May I know what name that I add in my facebook. Thanks a lot naomi, hope we can be a friend, this is one of my dream to have a lot of friends in our entire world. God bless you and your love ones.

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