July 4, 2008

Let Me Heave A Sigh

Things are quite unpleasant for me lately. I was away from my kids for three days because our audit team have to do our cash examination and other audit functions at the other branch of our auditee. The said other branch is located in another city some two and a half hour ride from my place.

Well, while being away, my kids were left with their nannies. I worried for my eldest' school work since her school has been rigid in quizzes, assignments and other activities. To make matters worse, the teacher of my second kid (who's in nursery) wants to talk to me about my son's being unable to write and does not listen to her during class. Whew!

Then, there's my youngest kid who had fever few days ago and was constantly throwing up for two days, with no appetite to eat.

The weekend has started to take its entrance and this gives me a great feeling. Why? Well, because my family would be complete again even for just two days. Hubby (who works in CDO-a four hour ride from here) would be home an hour from now. Tis' my favorite day of the week really.


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U.Lee July 5, 2008 at 9:10 PM  

Hello Naomi, I was at 'Allthingspurple' blog and noticed your callsign, 'Naomi'....and of course knowing you obviously in early 30's or below...can't be the lovely Malay girl, my teen day's hot flame, ha ha, I used to date and had lots of hilarious experiences wayyyyyy back in history.

And yes, her name was or is 'Naomi'...I have always loved that beautiful name too...apart from memories, it is a lovely name.

Infact, this name mentioned too in my latest posting, ha ha. I never forgot her. Bet she's a grandmother of 15 grandchildren now, ha ha.

I posted a hilarious escapade about and with her titled, "Among my many memories", d/d 12/20/07, in my archives. If you have time take a peek.

Anyway, I love your blog, good posting too....very well done and decorated....wow! You sure one talented lady with computers. I'm still struggling with my new Apple Imac 24 bought very recently after having an affair with my Jurassic computer of 14 years, and on Windows ME, ha ha. Yes..it was that old and jurassic, ha ha.

You stay easy and have a nice weekend, best regards, Lee.

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