July 24, 2008

Be CISCO Certified!

In my profession as a CPA, it is imperative for us to undergo various enhancements in knowledge that could be applied to our usual work. That is what we call the Continuing Professional Education, and we tried hard to achieve certifications and units to make us still up and visible in this already crowded industry.

I am an auditor and our auditee uses a new online system in recording their daily transactions. We have connected to their network so that we could be able to access them. That would mean I have to study and be updated with information technology in order for me to thoroughly carry out my function as an auditor. The idea of continuous education is very welcome to me especially in the field of IT, since I love surfing the internet and same thing with my work.

So how shall I go about with my knowledge enhancements? Well, I signed up at the Cisco Learning Network to start with. They offer different learnings for Cisco certification, which is classified into entry, associate, professional and expert career certifications. The entry category comprises the CCENT Certification, which opens the door to a career in networking. The associate level offers various training programs on CCNA, which promises for an additional insight on the use of various protocols like IP and EIGRP. Advanced programs can be learned as one goes on with the professional and expert categories. They also have the specialist certification for Advance Routing and Switching, Wireless LAN, Security, Data Center, Foundation for Channel Partners and Unified Communications.

And since I rely mostly on my auditee's IT personnel to do connections to the network, having a Cisco certification would enable me to do them on my own and not having to call that personnel every now and then.

I look forward for more learnings in the network, as well as their regular newsletters and other emails. I'm off to be the best in my field...(haha!).

Sponsored by Cisco

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