July 16, 2008

Knowing L-Carnitine

Being desperately wanting to lose weight is not a joke. Aside from the twice a week schedule that I have with dance-exercise to sweat out, I have to go on a diet and take food supplements for weight loss.

The motivational force within me have not seem to be working with full gusto. Since I decided to lose weight three months ago, I only shed off only a few pounds - 8 pounds to be exact (more! more!more!). I haven't really taken the diet too seriously, especially during parties and primetime TV watching (it's really nice to munch something while watching), so I guess my progress is not very quick.

So, what would be my alternative in order to hasten this weight loss endeavor of mine? I have to continue my dance routines and thrive to sweat out more than my calorie intake. Fine. I have to pursue my diet (strict mode), meaning no fats, no salt and less sugar. And take fiber and L-Carnitine or levocarnitine, that is why I am stocking some beverages with the content as well as the food supplement.

What is L-Carnitine? It is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps in the metabolism of fats. It transfers long-chain fatty acids, like the triglycerides, into the mitochondria, which is the cell's energy haven. From there, the fats are oxidized to form into energy. L-Carnitine can also be found on red meat (beef), dairy products and avocado.

Wish me luck as I include L-Carnitine in my diet. I hope I would see great results soon.

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