July 30, 2008

I'm It, You're It!

Someone tagged me about writing 10 weird, random things, facts and habits about myself...no other than Jhelea!

So, I'm off to thinking the things that I am, and let me enumerate them here...

  • I love the bitter gourd...
  • I don't like beef
  • I have always wanted to become a singer but ended up as a dancer
  • I go to sleep when I am sad
  • I love solving mathematical problems than memorizing theories and definitions
  • Sometimes I am being paranoid...
  • I worry about my kids' health a lot
  • I love wearing shorts
  • I so much love flip flops and I hate wearing high heels
  • I don't voice out my hurts, I just keep them to myself.

Now I hope you already know something about me, and I am pleading to do the same on your blog. Thanks!

1 fancies:

jHeLea July 30, 2008 at 4:51 PM  

hi po thanks for doing the tag....like you i hate wearing high heals...but when working I'm forced to wear one...pero unlike you, I'm very open with what I feel....I'm vocal...

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