July 7, 2008

Confused Shopper

Shopping with budget constraints is really hard and right now, I am very much confused what to buy. As much as I wanted to have both items at once, I am still financially unable to acquire them and so, I have to decide and choose which is which.

Well, the choices I have to make - - Rubber shoes or Earrings. It has been a long time since I wanted to have them but haven't got the time and resources to obtain. With costs getting higher and higher, the chances of having those are getting slimmer and slimmer (poor me!). And now that I got a few bucks to spend, I am left to make the decision which item to buy.

Dear hubby advised for the jewelry since the said item is more valuable compared to the shoes. But I also longed for a new rubber shoes now that I am almost becoming a regular guest on the only dance studio here in our place. Presently, I dance twice a week in order to shed those super-extra pounds off my body and what great accessory to go with this endeavor - - rubber shoes.

Hope I could make up my mind soon and will not regret whatever the decision may be.

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