October 30, 2009

Mixed Fruit Juice

I have been drinking a mixture of eight fruit juices every morning for five days now. The taste may be be like the ones sold on the supermarket (actually I don't understand the taste), but I know fresh fruit juice gives out the best results than the ones sold commercially.

Anyway, I have known about this juice thing because some people in the office are habitually drinking them for some time now. I was curious then and that curiosity finally gave in when I joined in. So here's what I drank today - - for Php30. It is a combination of the following fruit juices: water melon, guava, guyabano, green mango, papaya, pineapple, apple and jackfruit. ~ ~ By the way, what you see in the pic is already half empty, lol!

According to the person responsible for the onset of this habit in the office, she is grateful to the Lord for leading her to this formula. She was diagnosed with cancer on her left breast last year and after taking the juice everyday for over six months now, there was no malignancy noted on the biopsy.

For anyone amazed at her testimony, this is what she did for 21 days:

  1. Drink 2 glasses of the juice upon waking up in the morning, that is, before eating breakfast.
  2. Eat breakfast 30 minutes after the juice intake. Note that meals do not include rice, sugar, fish and meat.
  3. Take 2 glasses of juice again on snack time.
  4. Lunch (only steamed vegetables, sweet potato or the like)
  5. Another 2 glasses for afternoon snack.
  6. Dinner
The procedure itself is already hard to do, imagine not having to eat rice and meat! I will just stick on the juice drinking though.

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