October 2, 2009

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I am happy to note that father has further spread its wings as far as his career as an accountant is concerned. His accounting firm is even older than I am, and I have witnessed all the hardships and joys father went through with his office. At 62, he still haven't stopped working as new clients have made its way to his office, while serving those long time ones. There are times tiredness and exhaustion sets into him but he is left with no choice but to go on. He really wanted for me to take over him and I would really like to help him out. But since I am working for the government, things are not that simple as it seems.

I am helping father on a part-time basis only, especially during the tax season of March and April. If only my younger sister is here, she would have taken father's place. It is really hard to let go of this firm since it has been our great resource or a long period of time.

Now father wants to take his firm to another level, this time through the internet. The internet has become a powerful tool in marketing and advertisement, many people can attest to that. He is planning to put up a website of his office in order to service his existing clients readily and possibly reach out to new clients as well. He said webhosting is not a problem at all since there are a lot of providers that offer the best services. Likewise, we can get to know these many webhost and compare them with each other right there and then, thanks to some webmaster resource websites, like the Gobbler Hosting.

Well, I'll just see which of them father would choose. . .

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cpawebguy October 3, 2009 at 5:35 AM  

Ooo... Ooo... Ooo...

Pick me! Pick Me!

Hi. I stumbled across your post doing keyword research. My name's Kenny and I'm VP of CPA Site Solutions in Vermont (http://www.cpasitesolutions.com). I recommend me. :) $49.50 a month gets you the site, email, secure file transfer, calculators, free reports, basically everything you see here...

Of course if you don't like the look and feel of the site we have like 150 others for basic subscribers. We seriously rock.

OK, no more dawdling. I'm supposed to be scoping out the competition. :) Thanks.

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