December 9, 2008

Personal Fund Management

I received an office order yesterday with an instruction to attend a seminar on Personal Fund Management, which would be in line with our office's Gender and Development Awareness Program. This was something new to me, since all our seminars being conducted are work-related. This time, it is about personal finances but I am thankful and glad for this.

We are 50 in the said office order being directed to attend, which would take place tomorrow - from 8am to 5pm.

As my thoughts lingered on what the seminar would be all about, I tried to understand what fund management really meant and how I could apply it in my personal life. I have been through that phase in my life before, when there was no other way I could think of. I am glad that I now have a reason to breathe, although I am not yet completely over with that phase yet. Since we are all living in the world of crisis, it is difficult to make ends meet and so we resort to avail on debt consolidation loans. The moment when every solution seems to be so far away, debt consolidation is the most logical alternative to take.

So how do we go about the debt consolidation program? I am yet to learn every thing about it and hopefully this would be included in the discussions during the seminar.

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