November 19, 2008

My Oatmeal Diet

I was planning to have a diet that will be purely oatmeal for this whole week to see if I could really lose weight. I will not be eating rice this time, and avoid the oily and fatty foods. I was not really fond of oatmeal before, but since they have produced new flavors, I find them tasty already even my kids love them especially the banana-honey flavor.

I started this activity last Monday and so far, so good - - until yesterday's lunch.

I was invited for a birthday lunch and boy, I realized how much I missed the real meal after only a day of deprivation! I ate up with all gusto ( I can't help it, the food was overflowing...), leaving me so full I could hardly move.

Anyway, all the overeating I made during lunch was also put to good use since I did not felt hungry in the evening, hence I only drank plenty of water. Haha, my bad!

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jHeLea November 20, 2008 at 3:05 PM  

hello poh...Ako din nag o-oatmeal....I don't eat rice for dinner oatmeal na lang pero yung akin po choco...

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