November 6, 2008


I really was glad to have dropped by McDonald's this noon and so I had a blast with their McChicken sandwich with matching french fries and coke float. This food is my usual order every time I set my foot on the food chain.

Their french fries was so heavenly. Well, it's just potatoes but I really love their fries above all. No offense to the fries of the other food chains but McDo has just got the right taste! For me, that is. Pair it with tomato catsup or gravy, oohhhh. . . tastes yummy! I was alone during lunch but I had a great time.

And what great drink to pair with my McChicken meal? Nothing else but this Coke Float! Mmm. . . the cola and sundae settled in my taste buds just perfectly (never mind the colds, haha!). Had a great time dipping the fries in the sundae too!

Oh, I can't wait for my next visit. i hope it would be soon, but I never really know. One ting's for sure, I will bring the kids and hubby with me.

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