November 23, 2008

Car Connection

Just when will I ever know how to drive? I really wanted to learn and enroll for a driving class but my schedule wouldn't let me. I know I should give this some amount of priority but I guess there are just some things that hinders me.

Last month, I tried to drive our car, but unfortunately I hit our gate. At that moment I was so nervous that my father would scold me for it. Anyway, he understood the situation and since the car was already old, it was not really a bother for him. He even encouraged me to practice more so that by the time he gets a new car, I could drive it with utmost confidence.

Hmmm... at his mention of buying a new car, I got excited and browsed the net for great car models. The browsing turned out to be enjoyable as there are indeed many new models to choose from. I was ecstatic as I saw those sedans and two door cars at because they are my dream cars eversince. See the car below? For me, it is just perfect!

Hubby joined me in browsing through and really liked the SUVs just like the one below because it is best for us and the kids.

Well, as we go over the reviews made by experts, it is really hard to choose which one would suit best for the family. Anyway, I have a year to practice driving before my father would venture to another car purchase, yay!

It's not bad to dream big and who knows, by God's blessing we could have one of these sooner than we thought because anything is possible.

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