November 4, 2008

The Entertainment World

I always have this fascination on entertainment, be it movies, music and even being nosy about the lives of celebrities. But maybe it is also a blessing though that I am not brought into this world because of its nature - - lies, controversies and the like. At least I am spared of those things (haha! as if those are not present in our office).

Even though I am not professionally inclined with the entertainment industry, I still have the fascination and i have never stopped my love for music and movies. When I browse the internet, I never fail to check on some latest buzz on showbiz, or new hits on the Billboard charts. In fact, I am an active member of an entertainment forum over at Pinoy Exchange, a great venue for me to be updated in terms of show business. To add, I became a part of some supporter groups of some artists (i.e. roicynatics).

Being an active member of the entertainment forum has enabled me to enhance my interest in the arts. I was able to learn how to do fan arts, using Photo Impact and a little of Photo Shop. I was able to learn how to capture screen shots from various video sharing sites. On top of that, I was able to learn how to make music videos featuring our favorite stars and shared them with the other members of the group.

I met a global friend named Kate over our Roicynatics group. She is now based in Chicago, since their family has moved there long time ago. (Actually, we have two global friends at Roicynatics, and the other one is now based on Florida.) Well, Kate asked me to teach her to create music videos because she also wanted to share something for the group. She started learning doing some slide shows but she said she had to enhance her knowledge more. But since she lived in Chicago, then I guess this certain Chicago Video Production Company would be of great help for her. She is a banker and the entertainment world is a new horizon for her that she wanted to explore. And if she would give it a try, the company would be able to aid her in making video productions, 2D graphics, logo animations, and flash interactive.

photo credits to Richter Studios

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