June 10, 2008

Back To School!

It's school time once again. It may be just an ordinary event on every young individuals, but as a parent of an incoming Grade 1 pupil, this is something different.

I should say that I am thankful my daughter Nikki got qualified at SPED (Special Education), because she would get to have the quality education at low cost (since it is a public school). It is such a privilege for every student to belong to such humble institution, considering that most of its kids have made names in various quiz bowls, and other academic and skill contests. This will be a long journey for me, as I will be hand in hand with my daughter in her pursuit for quality education. It may be a pressure but we will see until we get there.

Aside from the privilege, I got thrilled with the new time schedule. Unlike in the preschool, where classes just lasts about 2 to 3 hours per day, well the primary school isn't. This time, we went to school at 7am, meaning...I get to wake up at 5:30am just to get things readied up. I woke up Nikki at 6am, so she can take her bath and eat her breakfast. Today is really a first time for both of us. And the lunch...she ate it at school (another first time) this noon.

Their class ended at 3:30pm, long hours indeed for my little girl.

I am hoping that she could very well adapt to the changes, because ases like these are inevitable. But I am proud that she made it through day 1, without me by her side (well...I was there to send her to her room and to fetch her only because i was also busy with my son who's now a nursery pupil).

Day 2 is on the way and so on...

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