September 8, 2010

Bedroom Furniture

If I were to give myself total relaxation, I would definitely hop into the bed and doze off. Whenever I am at home and have nothing to do, my kids would surely find me in our room lying in the bed either taking a nap or reading a book.

If only we have the monetary resources right now, I will purchase a new bed for our room. Not that I don't like the bed we have right now, but I am very much impressed at other beds every time I find myself in a show room or on online furniture shops. Every time I do some browsing for a Bedroom Furniture, I am always drawn to beds and can't help but imagine the comfort they bring as I sleep, rest, play games, read books and etc.

Well, I instantly fell in love with this bed from Spacify. It is just very unique yet glamorous and stylish with its round and modern design. This bed includes slats, upholstered headboard and round mattress. And what's more, it has an electrically operated motor that would enable the bed to rotate. Seems like fun huh! I just wonder what the kids might think then, if this would become their new trampoline.

This Empero-Queen bed is also very nice. I like its classy touch which comes in all white. I know this would look good too in our bedroom since white has no contrasts as far as clashes of colors are concerned. It looks so huge and spacey, I could very well go on a deep slumber even when hubby is around or even the kids. Even just by looking at it, I could already fully relax. The design and style is so modern for me, it just exudes beauty despite its simplicity. It comes with a great headboard and two wonderful night stands.

Oh well, these two items are surely going their way into my wish list . . .

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Ms Katrina September 23, 2010 at 2:09 AM  

I'm so in love with the round bed. I would just want the wood in a different color. Cherry wood, perhaps. Or maybe even black.

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