February 27, 2008

Photo Impact

I should say that I am a frustrated artist. I remembered during my childhood days, I was always trying to draw something...but unfortunately, the drawing was far from what I have in mind. I always admire other people who are gifted with such craft, a cousin, a classmate, or a friend. But then, my desire to excel in the field of graphics vanished to thin air...

Just last year, I became a frequent forum poster of ABS-CBN forums and PEX, all because of being a Roicynatic (Robert-Saicy fanitic). Since then, the artist inside of me (whatever what was left, if there was any) felt the urge to try my hand in making fanarts or banners. Thanks to a cyber friend, and she gave me the idea to use either Photo Impact or Photoshop to make such stuff.

I tried to download the trial versions... since I still could not afford the full package. Sad to say, the Photoshop was too large a file, even the trial version, so I was having a hard time downloading it. Luckily though, Photo Impact came to my rescue and off I went to graphics...

So here are the fruits of my labor...(since I tried hard to learn them).

I even made some for my loved-ones...

I'm looking forward to learn Photoshop soon. :-)

2 fancies:

desperateblogger February 28, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

hahaha. great! if youo can't draw, take pictures and photoshop! sure i'll exchange links with you. i'll add you now.

Dette March 1, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

These are be-yoo-tiful!! Wish I could do that with my pics!!

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