February 19, 2008

Kids' Entertainment

I am just amazed how drawn my kids are to television. I could no longer watch my favorite tv shows because all my kids watch their faves and unfortunately, their favorite programs were shown just as the shows that I wanted to take a glimpse to are also shown. Sigh!

So, what do my kids watch lately? There are so much stuff they watched on tv... they surf from channel to channel and memorized the time schedules the shows are gonna shown. Here are some of the boob tube programs that made their eyes glued to the television for countless hours....

Mr. Bean

Tom and Jerry

Dora the Explorer


Shaun the Sheep

Spongebob Squarepants

There are still other programs my kids are fond of... which has somehow made me stick to it too... like High School Musical, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Blue's Clues, Hi Five, Kim Possible and most especially Totally Spies! I wouldn't miss a single episode of this program...

Having my children watch television may be beneficial in terms of peace and harmony at home. Because when their favorite show is on, they would behave themselves and just sit on the couch and watch... unlike when they have nothing to busy themselves on... then, everything would not be in place. However, too much watching also hinders the development of children relative to the oral communication skills of the child.

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