April 16, 2008

On Heart Attacks

I haven't got the chance to go online last night because our internet modem at home was turned off and the room where it was situated was locked. And so this morning, I was amazed to see that I have 43 new mail messages in my inbox (whoa!!). I noticed one mail with the subject Heart Attacks and really find the article attached to be helpful.

The message enumerated some common symptoms of heart attack. It says that not all attack is manifested by the left arm hurting, but be aware that there might also be an intense pain in the jaw line. Usually 60% of the people having the heart attack while on sleep may not wake up anymore, but the pain in the jaw could still wake that person up. Chest pain is also very common, but nausea and intense sweating could also be experienced during the attack.

For people who want to prevent such illness, they can drink warm water. Why?

The Japanese and Chinese drink hot tea together with their meals and not cold water. The cold water will only solidify the oily stuff that have just been eaten and consequently slows down the digestion. These lumps of solid will be harder to eliminate and eventually stays on the intestine lines, turning into fats. Moreover, hot water, especially when consumed through sips, also purifies the nervous system from deposits that suppress one's thoughts and emotions and delivers one from tension. Hot water is also used to provoke perspiration in order to purify the body.

- - So, wanna try? I'll try this one too.

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