June 30, 2010

Looking For Some Lights

Our soon-to-be abode is now on the painting phase. It was such a delight to see all the three rooms already painted. At this very moment, the living room, dining room and kitchen are well on their way to the finish line too. We are hopeful to transfer to our new home by the end of July, a perfect time to celebrate also our 9th wedding anniversary which falls on August 4.

Now that painting is nearing its completion, we are now in the lookout for nice furnishings as well as lights. Well, pin lights have already been in place and now we are in search for wall and ceiling lights. I know this will be a bit hard of an undertaking for us, since our area has very limited supply of wonderful and amazing lighting products. We have already made a first round of browsing through stores for the perfect lights on our house but haven't found anything yet that suited our tastes.

I am looking forward to find a chandelier with no complex design, yet classy and modern in detail, just like the lights I found at Shop Premier. Kindly take a good look at the right - - this is what I wanted for our living room, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I could find one here. Well, this would indeed make us busy then.

I realized that it really is stressful sometimes when you are undergoing house construction, most especially when funds are a little low. Anyway, I am optimistic that everything would just be in place soon.

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