May 16, 2009

Phone Ringtones

Cellphones has become a necessity nowadays. It is the best means of communicating a loved one, since it is portable and convenient to use. Well, it could not also be denied that cellphones also has become a status symbol, with its prices ranging from the affordability of the unfortunate ones up to the wealthy and affluent.

But whatever type of cellphone each and every one of us has, it is a requisite that it has a sound for message and call alerts. Ringtones has become popular at present and are sought after by many hip and modern people (and I think I am one of them, lol!). My ringtones right now is a voice-over of Big Brother and so far I am enjoying it a lot. It was sent to me by an office mate and now most of our volleyball team is using it, through the wonder of bluetooth.

While others find it easy to look for the coolest tones for their cellphones, others had a hard time finding where to get or download the tones. A lot of websites have been up already and offer a wide selection of tones according to the phone's sound features. Ringtones now have either true tones, polyphonic, monophonic or real music. Real music is very preferable, well in my opinion, and I have yet to find the best tune I would use, haha! These sites also offer downloads on games, wallpapers and video clips.

Aside from communication, cellphones have also been very useful for entertainment and documentation. Cameras are already installed in most of the models, while game applications make one's boring moments full of fun. My kids love playing games on my cellphone as well as take pictures and videos. No wonder I always get a notification alert for low on battery!

What's your tone now?

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claire May 19, 2009 at 5:56 PM  

Mine's Bulilit, Bulilit from the TV Commercial of Camella Homes.. nakakaaliw!

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