May 2, 2009

Hot Summer and Air Conditioning

The weather at present is very unpredictable. One moment the sun was shining so hot, another moment passed it is already raining hard. To think that it is summer time here in the Philippines, there are still raindrops scattered all over the nation. But one thing is sure about the season, it is extremely hot even during night time. It is already expected that electric bills will be high during this period, as electricity consumption will be frequent with the use of airconditioning units.

As I am writing this, I could just imagine my kids sweating profusely, like wet chicks, every time they play around home. It was a policy of our house then to switch on the aircon only in the evenings during sleeping time. But now, we have no choice but to have them turned on once in while during day time.

Well, airconditioning units should be well taken cared of. They are very essential in this hot weather we have right now. We have to clean them regularly from dusts and other particles, since they will be emitted once they are turned on. That is why hubby always sees to it that our aircon is cleaned at least twice a month.

Repairs and installation of our home cooling systems could be extended to us by a lot of contractors specializing in this area, like the Riverside HVAC. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Supplier May 5, 2009 at 6:36 PM  

Domestic air conditioning can be easily maintained at your home, Cleaning of domestic air conditioning is very easy and essential to make it working properly, to remove dust from air comditioning duct you may also take help of the air conditioning installer and service providers.

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