November 25, 2010

Uh-Oh, White Hairs

I have lots of white hair. There may be a huge quantity of factors leading to this kind of state but there is only one thing I am sure why I have them - - hereditary. Most of my relatives on my father's side have white hairs. Not that they are very old, but even my cousins who are still young have them already.

I can no longer fight off what's hereditary and so my best remedy for this dilemma is hair dye. I personally suggested to myself that it is ideal to have a regular dye at least every quarter of the year. As much as I wanted to implement this hearty suggestion of mine, I am sorry to admit that I have been failing immensely in this area - due to a number of reasons (procrastination, budget or busy schedule). But maybe if I could have a loreal professional do it for me, then I guess I could have it done on a semestral basis only. Time and money is practically saved then!

One thing I really do hate about my physical self is my hair. It tends to get messy easily, even just the slightest gush of wind. I know I have to make an effort to make it healthy-looking.

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