September 29, 2009

Relax and Meditate

Meditation and holistic healing are what we need at a tragic moment like the typhoon Ondoy. So much pain and anxieties have been inflicted to the victims as well as to the authorities and far away loved ones. It may take quite some time to finally overcome the apprehension and shock the disaster has brought, but there's always a rainbow after the rain, as they say.

With our mind getting a handful of various things to chew on, it is very healthy if we take time to break from them and have some pure and peaceful moment with ourselves. Relaxation and meditation help us regain the balance of our busy life that somehow leads to our pleasant and congenial disposition.

One method of meditation I found online are the Crystal Singing Bowls, which are made of pure quartz crystal, complete with a frosted white finish. Crystals produce sounds that are relaxing and that makes them therapeutic in nature. These bowls have amazing radiant shimmers that are serene and come with varied sizes. The sounds of these bowls differ accordingly to their sizes.

Aside from bowls, gongs can also be great tools for meditation. They produce different sounds, depending on where you strike them and on your moods.

Just when you think bowls and gongs are made solely as decorations, think again. They can also provide us with the relaxation we all deserve.

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