November 29, 2007

Civil Engineering Board Exams

My brother took the Civil Engineering Board Examination last November 17 and 18, 2007, and until now, the exam results were not yet released. Anxious examinees, relatives and friends were all so excited about it, until this heartbreaking news update broke out.

Whoa!!! Just what exactly has happened?! After all those grueling months of review, not to mention the countless sleepless nights studying those mind-boggling subjects just to ensure the passing mark. I really feel for my bro... who has lost some extra pounds due to his rigid review classes prior to the board exam. Now, he must review those two subjects again to refresh the knowledge so that he could provide the answers to the exam questions come January.

Speaking of going to reveiw class again, it entails another set of expenses to incur. Monthly allowance would again be given, in addition to board and lodging and the review center fees.

I know the feeling that he have right now, since I also have taken the CPA Board exams almost a decade ago. Right after the examination, the feeling of relief swept through my being, after all those months of review. Fortunately, our exam results were released just two days after the examination date. But in this case, the results have been delayed only to find out that they have to re-take two subjects. It's like being able surface up in a deep ocean and was pulled underneath again.

I guess board exam fees will again be charged to the examinees. Truly an inconvenience indeed!

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